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Mokate Ingredients is a top European manufacturer of coffee creamers/whiteners for beverages, foaming agents for cappuccinos and chocolate drinks, fat milk concentrates and topping bases. Mokate is also the largest Polish producer of instant cappuccino. Our product portfolio includes also coffees, instant beverages and chocolate drinks – for a comprehensive product range feel free to visit our webpage at www.mokate.eu

Mokate Ingredients is a seperate business unit within Mokate Group dealing with sales of ingredients for food industry. We supply our worldwide base of customers with innovative product solutions. We also manufacture products tailored to our customers’ requests and guidelines. High quality, a competitive price and flexibility in business place Mokate Ingredients among the European leaders in production of ingredients for food industry.

Mokate Ingredients is a specialist in production of creamers/whiteners for beverages, foaming agents for cappuccino drinks, topping bases and milk mixes. Mokate Ingredients means the most up-to-date technologies ensuring safety, protection of health, quality preferences of consumers and also of natural environment.It means a highly qualified staff when it comes to production and technology as well as sales and negotiation skills. We care about highest quality of our ingredients and aim at satisfying our customers’ expectations.

Mokate Ingredients means offering individual solutions to companies, products developed to meet our partners’ needs and technological advice our customers greatly appreciate.

For more info, please look at our website: www.mokateingredients.com.pl

We are a family business for four generations

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