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The world of tea

Kinds of tea

In the past people thought that green and black tea is produced from two different plants. However, it turns out that by using varying processing methods, different kinds of tea can be obtained....

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Interesting facts about tea drinking

It is a fact that China produces a large amount of black tea, however, green tea and flavoured tea and the most popular kinds of tea there...

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Origin of tea

According to a Chinese legend, Emperor Shennong was the first one to discover the beneficial qualities of tea. The Emperor only drank boiled water. However, once he was resting below a wild tea tree,...

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How tea grows

Tea (Thea Sinensis) is an evergreen plant from the Camellia family. Three closely related species of tea are differentiated – tea from China, Assam and Cambodia.

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Where tea grows

Kenya, Cameroon, China, Malawi and many other countries

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