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Adam Mokrysz wins the Manager of the Year award

On Monday, May 14, during an official gala, "Dziennik Zachodni" presented the best entrepreneurs, visionaries and inspiring leaders from the Silesia region with the "Manager of the Year 2017" award. Among them was Adam Mokrysz, President of Mokate SA and CEO of Mokate Group.

The official gala of the "Manager of the Year 2017" competition for the Silesia Province was held as part of the 10th jubilee of the European Economic Congress, which is currently taking place in Katowice. The "Manager of the Year" awards were granted by Dziennik Zachodni to distinguish the best entrepreneurs, visionaries and inspiring leaders from our region who, through their activities, add to the fact that Silesia is seen as one of the most important regions in Poland in terms of business.


In total, several dozen entrepreneurs were nominated for the title, including well-known and recognised persons, creators of companies and brands recognised throughout Poland. Adam Mokrysz, President of Mokate SA, received a distinction from the Award Committee for activity on foreign markets.

Commenting on the award, Adam Mokrysz said: "I am honoured with this award. I have repeatedly emphasised that the Mokate Group is able to develop primarily thanks to the wonderful people it employs. Rather than achieving a direct advantage over a competitor in a narrowly defined dimension, working on the self-improvement of the organisation is more important to us. The constant search for perfection. A stronger and more friendly organisational culture. The Manager of the Year 2017 award shows that the road I have set for Mokate is heading in the right direction."


It is worth mentioning that the Award Committee included: Jarosław Wieczorek - Silesia Province Governor, Wojciech Saługa - Silesia Province Marshall, Kazimierz Karolczak - Chairman of the Board of the Upper Silesian-Zagłębie Metropolis, Artur Tomasik - Top Manager of 2016, Prof. Robert Tomanek, PhD - Chancellor of the University of Economics, Prof. Zdzisława Dacko-Pikiewicz, PhD - Chancellor of the University of Medical Sciences in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Prof. Katarzyna Popiołek - Dean of the University of Social Psychology, Tadeusz Donocik - President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice, Wiktor Pawlik - President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Gliwice, Andrzej Żylak - President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Rybnik Industrial District, Jan Klimek - President of the Chamber of Crafts and Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in Katowice, Eugeniusz Budniok - Chancellor of the Katowice BCC, Wojciech Kuśpik - President of PTWP, Tomasz Reinfuss - Partner at PwC Poland, Zenon Nowak - President of Polska Press Oddział Śląsk, Marek Twaróg - Editor-in-Chief of "Dziennik Zachodni".

Additional information and a photoreport are available at www.dziennikzachodni.pl.

Pictures used in this news story by Arkadiusz Gola - Dziennik Zachodni, HD files for download - tutaj.

(15 V 2018)


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