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Mokate has been supporting women for years - both as an employer and as a patron of initiatives taken by women - both locally and internationally. On 17 November, Sylwia Mokrysz, a proxy at Mokate, took part in the Polish celebrations of the international "Women's Entrepreneurship Day" - as the Ambassador of Women's Entrepreneurship and co-author of the book "Business Inspirations of Polish Women in the World".

"Women's Entrepreneurship Day" sums up the year-round campaign to support women. The WED initiative is a social movement aimed at supporting and strengthening the entrepreneurial position of women in the world. Women, represent more than half of the world's population, but less than a third of the number of entrepreneurs, which means that women constitute a large part of untapped entrepreneurial potential.

In Poland, the official representative of "Women's Entrepreneurship Day" is the Federation of Associations "International Network of Women's Entrepreneurship Ambassadors", which organised the Polish celebration of the "International Women's Day" on 17 November.

The first event of the day was the Women's Economic Forum held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Development in Warsaw. In addition to an interesting programme in the field of digital networking, communication and mediation, the event was attended by twenty successful Polish women living in different countries, who together wrote the book "Business Inspirations of Polish Women in the World" which has been published in both Polish and English.

One of the authors of the book is Sylwia Mokrysz, a proxy at Mokate, who said: "For many years, personal experiences have assured me that, in business, women could do much more than they are currently doing. This belief about the still untapped potential is very motivating. I believe that we should use every opportunity to change this state of affairs, to launch this huge potential of women. One such occasion is the book "Business Inspirations of Polish Women in the World". It provides the opportunity to share experiences with all those who need support for their entrepreneurship; it also - hopefully - gives courage to those women who are just wondering about their start in business. Those were reasons enough for me to accept the polite invitation to contribute to this useful publication."

The book "Business Inspirations of Polish Women in the World" is an unparalleled collection of previously unpublished unique and inspirational lessons in entrepreneurship taken from life. The main characters of the book include women from Japan, India, Peru, Zambia, UAE, the United Kingdom and the United States. The book was published thanks to the initiative of Urszula Ciołeszyńska, President of the International Network of Women's Entrepreneurship Ambassadors (Poland) and Kinga Langley, President of the PREMIER International Business Club (United Kingdom/United States).

In the evening, the organisers prepared a gala at the Sofitel Victoria Hotel, which was attended by over 500 guests from the world of business, media, diplomacy and science. The honorary patronage of the Women's Entrepreneurship Gala was assumed by the First Lady of Poland, Agata Kornhauser-Duda.

During the ceremony, 40 enterprising Polish women were awarded with the prestigious statuette of the Women's Entrepreneurship Ambassador 2017. These are the women whose success in both their professional work and social activities make them a model and an inspiration for others.

Among the distinguished women was Sylwia Mokrysz, who declared: "I intend to persevere as an ambassador of women's entrepreneurship on all available forums, both international and national. I will also try to act through the media to eliminate the barriers faced by women who are determined to pursue their business ambitions. I realize, of course, that entrepreneurship is only one of the ways to give women a rightful position in society, but I also know that, for many of them, it is the most important and the most effective way."

Mokate products - Caffetteria Mokate coffees and cookies and LOYD teas were served during the event.

(18 XI 2017)


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