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When you plan to establish contacts with a new business partner, you want to know what kind of team you will be dealing with. You are interested in their way of thinking and the principles to which they adhere. MOKATE does its best to make these issues transparent to its partners. Here we list the rules that apply within our company. All potential employees are made familiar with these principles during recruitment, and they are instilled into all staff on a daily basis – to good effect, it seems to us.

The basic priority in interactions with the market environment is expressed in one short sentence, which is displayed by the entrance to the company’s headquarters: "We want our customers to come back to us, not our goods."

There is also a chart which sets out the company’s expectations towards its employees:

The company’s priorities contain a summary of the goals and principles which have been agreed with its employees. Emphasis is placed on those qualities displayed by MOKATE employees which make the company appear dependable and friendly for those we deal with.

Mokate’s priorities

  1. It is the CUSTOMER who is the most important. Maintain regular contacts with customers. If they are talking to us, they have no time to talk to our competitors.
  2. Remember: enthusiasm is contagious! The same is true of optimism. This applies whether you are talking to a customer or to a fellow employee.
  3. Support your co-workers, inspire them. You will benefit, and so will the company.
  4. Never forget to say "thank you", "I'm sorry" and "excuse me".
  5. Consistently look for the simplest way of doing business.

Our motto

"Business is good for development, and a victory in the business world is a splendid thing. If the company wins out, its employees get a boost and the chance to develop. New jobs are created and new opportunities appear." It depends on us ourselves whether we win or lose. And therefore:

  1. Perceive change as potential for development.
  2. Remember that every new day brings new opportunities for the company to expand.
  3. Respect the time and work of others.
  4. Keep reminding yourself and others that actions should be fast, simple and effective.
  5. Do not allow conflicts to last.
  6. Battle wisely with bureaucracy, and the company will make savings.
  7. Be ruthless against waste.

We are a family business for four generations

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